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Walker Wolfe

Walker Wolfe’s work demonstrates a vision of the future in which we become adept to change and value a symbiotic relationship with our surroundings. His dynamic and organic forms interact with space and reach out to the viewer, prompting an Introspective look at the ever expanding unknown.


His work not only focuses on the physical spaces in which objects exist, but also the systems and networks that bring them into fruition and contribute to their creation and distribution. The jumble of biological mess that is our natural environment is simplified into curious lines and forms, refusing to shy away from complexity and abstraction. 


Materiality provides a space to express and solidify the intention of highlighting change, adaptation, movement, and ecology. Mediums like clay, leather and metal are inherently expressive of manipulation, becoming more beautiful and unexpected as they consume the memories and effort of time. 


A fascination with an object’s ability to engage and interact with the viewer is what originally drew Walker to the field of product design. It was through this search that he discovered the ways that design can bridge and intertwine with other fields of thinking like biology and material science. There is an ecological and heavily nature inspired feeling to his work that enables it to reach across multiple areas of thought and present a new way of thinking about design and making. 


Octopus were a significant motif that were represented in multiple mediums. They represented an evolution driven focus through their adaptivity, resilience and ability to merge with their environment. Later, along with other organisms their forms became a source of inspiration. Through simplifying and abstracting the swirling shape of tentacles or even the connections between cells of plants, beautiful and compelling forms could be created. The value of finding a sense of unity and sophistication through simplicity is clear throughout all aspects of his work.

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